Airbnb Host Will Pay You To Eat A Cheese Steak When You Book Your Philly Stay!
Airbnb Host Will Pay You To Eat A Cheese Steak When You Book Your Philly Stay!
by Jason Centeno
Philadelphia is an energetic town, always bustling with activity. Yet right around 12pm daily, locals and tourists alike slow down a bit to consider one of THE most important questions of day: Where are we eating for lunch? For the out of towner's, that internal voice inside their heads is probably asking: “Where’s the best place to get one of them famous Philly Cheese Steaks?”
Oh ho ho, now THAT is a question that might actually get Philly natives fighting in some parts of town, so thank goodness you found this.

Whether you’re visiting scenic Olde City, or the the historic Liberty Bell, or enjoying an axe throwing adventure or rock wall climb near Northern Liberties or maybe even on an afternoon stroll through Rittenhouse Square, if you really want to know where the locals go for the best philly cheesesteaks, you’re probably going to want a guide of some sort. Well, we gotcha covered.
You can go right here to and download your free digital copy of The Best Philadelphia CheeseSteaks Guide, so that no matter where you happen to be in Philly and what kind of cheese steak you are in the mood for, you can locate the closest and most convenient cheese steak options near you. The best part? That you will no longer have to depend on Pat’s King Of Steaks or Geno’s as your only options any more (and had you asked a local, they would have probably redirected you to another “better” cheesesteak place anyway.)
In fact, if one wanted to do a exhaustive culinary tour of one of Philadelphia’s most famous foods, you might consider The Best Philadelphia CheeseSteaks Guide as essential research, ESPECIALLY if you’ve never tried some of Philly less famous culinary creations like the Chicken Cheesesteak, the Kielbasa Cheesesteak, the Bulgogi cheesesteak, those hard to find Vegan Cheesesteaks, and even more creative local twists on the cheesesteak that you’ve probably never even heard of (but you’ll be glad that you did).
And what if, on top of all that, I told you there was a way for you to enjoy one of these cheesesteaks… for FREE! Would that interest you? Yeah?
When visiting Philly, you are going to find that there are many MANY great places to eat, we are most decidedly a foodie town. But to really experience the full flavor of Philadelphia, you definitely have to eat a cheesesteak. Or three. 

Are you traveling to Philadelphia soon? Do you prefer to use sites like Airbnb, VBRO or to book your stays? Do you have need of dog friendly accommodations? 

If you answered "Yes' to any of those questions, AND you like the idea of free food... 

When you book a 2 day minimum stay in Philadelphia at one of Dads Pads Philly locations, first time customers will not only receive a credit for a free cheesesteak, but they will also receive a copy of The Best Philadelphia CheeseSteaks Guide to assist them in making the most well informed (and tastiest) decision.
What could be better than that?
Book Now! And don’t forget your The Best Philadelphia CheeseSteaks guide. 


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